Capturing mechanical art in motion South Creative is a tabletop production studio specializing in watches and product-focused cinematography. We push the limits of cameras and tech to bring you unparalleled imagery.
Our Skill Set
  • Tabletop Cinematography

    From jewelery and watches to consumer electronics, our specialty is presenting products in ways that create an emotional connection with your customers.

  • Macro & Extreme Macro

    We're experts at capturing the tiny details and nuances of watch movements or any other item at millimeter or sub-millimeter scales, all recorded in raw video formats.

  • Motion Control

    Leveraging a mix of commercial and custom-built control systems, accurate camera movements can be choreographed with extreme precision.

  • Post Production

    From editing to colour grading and image restoration, we've got you covered.

  • Qualified Watchmakers

    We have close partnerships with local watchmakers and are well equipped with in-house tools for opening or cleaning.

  • Specialty Audio

    Add another sensory dimension to your videos by capturing the quietest click, ticks, and button-presses with high resolution recordings.

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